Taking proper care of yourself BEFORE AND AFTER your procedure is important to ensure your beautiful outcome! Please read through all of the FREQUENTLY ASKED QUESTIONS, and procedures BEFORE booking an appointment. If you have additional questions, please contact me. 

How do I know which brow service I should pick?



All skin types, including mature and oily. Single needle machine hairstrokes for a natural brow. Most natural looking technique. Mimics YOUR natural hair and is MORE GENTLE on the skin than microblading. Can cover old permanent makeup if it is light enough. Shading can be added to build density where needed. Last 1-5+years. 

Dry to combination skin. Individual hair strokes for a natural brow. Best for clients that have an even amount of natural brow hair and healthy skin. Not recommended for clients with mature skin or oily skin. Last 10 months-2+years. 

DRY TO COMBINATION SKIN. Microblading hair strokes + machine shading. Great for adding density where hair is sparse or nonexistent. Will cover previous permanent makeup. End result is a natural powdery brow with hairstrokes. Last 2-5+ years. Clients not a candidate for Microshading can achieve this look with nanoshading.

All skin types. Oily skin will get the best retention with this procedure. Full powder brow with soft lighter fronts. Will cover previous permanent makeup. End result is a soft powdery makeup look. I can make it as soft or as bold as you would like! Last 2-5+ years. 





Is there anything I should avoid prior to my procedure?



24 hours prior to procedure please avoid caffeine and alcohol. 

48-72 hours before refrain from Advil, Aspirin, Ibuprofen, Aleve, vitamin E, and fish oil to avoid thinning of YOUR blood. You make take Tylenol if needed.

4 weeks before the scheduled service avoid Botox, fillers, laser treatments, chemical peels, retinol, and exposure to strong sunlight.

How should I come to my appointment?



It is best to come in with freshly washed hair and your makeup as you would normally wear it. If you normally do not fill in your brows, that’s great too because I map them out regardless. For eyeliner and lash enhancement, please come with no eye makeup or contacts.

How long does it last?



Your permanent makeup will last from 10 months to 5+ years, depending on your lifestyle and skin type. Sun exposure, exfoliants, retinol, exposure to salt water, and oily skin will make your permanent makeup fade faster. Always wear sunscreen over your permanent makeup!




Everyone’s pain tolerance is different. For lips and eyeliner, I will use a topical numbing CREAM before and during the procedure so the pain IS very minimal to none. For brows, the topical is applied after the first pass and most will feel no pain.

Will I need to get a touchup?



Yes, it is a two step process. 6 to 8 weeks after your initial appointment, your perfecting appointment will be scheduled. During this appointment, I will touchup any area that didn’t retain pigment and make any necessary changes.

Do I get to pick the color?



I match the pigment to your brow hair. This allows it to blend and look natural. For lips, bring your favorite lipstick and I can match it! During the consultation portion of your appointment, we will discuss any challenges or special requestS you have.

Will you remove my brow hair?



After mapping your brows, I will keep all of the hair that is within your natural shape. My goal being to keep them as natural as possible!

Can I get my brows wet while they’re healing?



For 7 days, you will not get your brows wet; besides the first night washing them to remove any lymph. Avoid long hot showers and sweating during the first week because this can push the pigment out of your skin. Keep showers under 5 minutes and avoid putting your face directly into THE water. No swimming, hot tubs, saunas, or tanning. Please review full aftercare INSTRUCTIONS in aftercare tab.

Do I need to book a consultation prior to my appointment?



No! Each appointment includes an in depth consultation where we will go over the entire process from start to finish. I make sure you feel completely confident and comfortable before we begin. Shape and pigment matching is customized to each client. If you have any questions before booking, please feel free to send an email through the contact page OR SHOOT ME A TEXT.




Discontinue use of any Lash growth serums 2-4 weeks before your appointment. These can cause sensitivity to your lash line.

Must remove lash extensions before YOUR appointment. You can reapply them 2-3 weeks after your touch up.

If you wear contacts, do not wear them the day of your appointment.

Come to your appointment with no eye makeup on.

Touchup will be completed 6-8 weeks after initial procedure.

Shape and color will be agreed upon before starting the procedure. 




Your Lip Blush tattoo will last anywhere from 1-3+ years. Your tattoo will be much lighter and not as bright once healed. The true color will blossom around 4-6 weeks.

The perfecting appointment will be COMPLETED 8 weeks after YOUR initial procedure to make any additions or changes.

If you have a history of cold sores, it is suggested to get prescribed an antiviral medication from your doctor 5 days before and take again 5 days after. (i.e. Valtrex) Please note, if you do not do this and get a cold sore it will affect the healed results.

Must wait 4 weeks before and after to get lip injections.

Dark Lip Neutralization (cool tone lips) is a multiple step process. The first treatment pigment must be warm. Once that heals, 4-6 weeks after you will have a more even nude-pink result. May take 2-3 sessions to get desired results. If you would like to know if you are a candidate for this procedure, please email a picture of your lips in natural light.




Pregnant or breastfeeding 

Under 18 years of age

Clients with skin diseases near the area of procedure 

Those with a viral infection

Continued use of Accutane

Epileptic clients

On any medications that affect how your skin responds to healing and blood clotting. 


72-hour rescheduling or cancellation notice required. Any appointments canceled or rescheduled in less than 72 hours, forfeit transferring the nonrefundable booking fee. To reschedule you must pay an additional booking fee. No guests or kids allowed in procedure room.

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